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Julius Mercer is an educational Storytelling Leader with a strong message...

"REMOVE THE STIGMA". When we most need and seek validation and comfort, supporting us to get through the worst pain of our lives, we are at times confronted with well meaning yet uniformed, purveyors of advise that can be deeply demoralizing. This kind of advice can feed our guilt and shame, stymies or growth and prevent us from achieving success in life. Social stigmas are commonly related to culture, gender, race, intelligence, and health. 

Julius Mercer has intimate and real life experiences with the above mentioned issues. Thus he is launching his

"Success Is In You" tour. He  shares his true life experiences of how he went from fame to rock bottom only to rise again, in an attempt to inspire others to make good decisions ensuring they succeed in life. Julius' novel A "Fire Within You" details his life's events.


Julius Mercer

Julius Mercer is an author, activist, motivational speaker and former Olympic hopeful. He went from being a world-class hurdler to overcoming world-class hurdles, like drug addiction, homelessness, and suicidal thoughts.

Julius Mercer

Author/Motivational Speaker Julius Mercer

Former Olympic hopeful, record setting hurdler launches “Success Is in You” tour, bringing message of hope to youth of America

Julius Mercer, a former Olympic hopeful and world-class hurdler, winner of numerous medals, who set records that stand to this day, is launching his “Success Is in You” tour, where he shares with young people his true life experiences of how he went from fame to rock bottom, only to rise again, in an attempt to inspire them to make good decisions to ensure they succeed in life.

Julius Mercer has written “A New Fire a memoir by Julius Mercer" and "A New Fire In You,” which details his life events. Julius also speaks at community gatherings and school assemblies and we are excited to host his talk and book-signing at Lincoln Library. His program has been featured in the Chicago Sun-Times