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National recording artist and saxophonist Dee Lucas has been steadily growing his brand and fan base beginning with Remembrance in 2004.  Thereafter, it has been a steady showcase of unique stylings with Something to Ride 2 (2007), Standing Room Only (2010), Rebirth of the Smooth (2012), The Smooth Factor (2014), Going Deeper (2016), & The Sweet Spot (2017).

His 2018 release “Going Left”  served as proof that Dee Lucas is here to stay. What is in store for 2020 takes it to the next level. Kase Qtr Productions is excited to provide management and related services that will get Dee Lucas exactly where he deserves to be...The World Stage.

“Listening to some of the talented sax players around the city was education enough to build a thirst to go home and mimic what they did. The combination of listening to a wealth of music and going to see local cats like Darian Emory, Antonio Allen, Sam Skelton, Jimmy Brown (Brick), and trumpeters Melvin Miller and Milkshake was truly enough to develop a personal vote of confidence and a sense of hunger”