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Kase Qtr Productions represents world-renown international, motivational, and conference speakers. Our speakers are all published authors who provide book signing engagements as well.


With Douglas Earl Walker of Kansas City Kansas

With Jerette Payton. U of Miami and son of the late great Walter Payton.

Julius Mercer

Keynote speaker and author Julius Mercer shares his story of, full of trials and tribulations. Recalling his hurdles in life and how to persevere. How he became inspired to learned to inspire others.

Let Julius motivate you to:


Julius Mercer is an educational Storytelling leader with a strong and profound message. Julius talks about the stigma relating to low self esteem, being bullied and depression, in a way that is deeply personal. Sharing these stories and being transparent in doing so, allows his audience to be comfortable enough to totally relate.

His novels "A Fire In You" and his most recent, "A New Fire " are testaments to never giving up.

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