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Full-Service Management

Kase Qtr is a consulting firm that advises in the development and growth of brands, artists, and content creators by providing brand direction, tour and artist management, marketing, graphic design, corporate representation, public relations, and advertising services. With over 20 years of experience working across clients that include major festival organizers, special event producers, US and international independent artists, established creators and A list artist talent, Kase Qtr can help you turn complexity into clarity and transform disruption into differentiation. Our goal for you is simple. Start strong to grow for tomorrow’s marketplace. Kase Qtr is your first and last stop. 

Our goal is to develop long- term relationships with clients who appreciate our personal service, open communication and integrity. We believe we can help you with your choices for effective results to your personal career, services and or events. 

Kase Qtr represents a unique opportunity for our clients as we make it possible to acquire one or a combination of individual services at one source. We promote music / entertainment / special events and speaking engagements around the globe. Contact us for more information about how we can be of benefit to your professional career or business venture.

Let us handle the details for you 



Tel: 818.723.5386

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